John Sedlar: Culinary Statesman of the Information Age by Catherine Wagley (Bunker Hill Magazine, Dec 2010)sedlar.html
Ariel Photo Series (Inked Mag presents Inked Girls, Spring 2010)ariel.html
California Nomad Fashion Editorial (Bunker Hill Magazine, Nov 2010)californianomad.html
Josef Centeno: The Only Constant is Change by Jennifer Hadley (Bunker Hill Magazine, Nov 2010)josef.html
Raz B: Boy 2 King (Heed Mag, Spring 2009)raz.html
Jon Chu: Steps Up and Extraordinarily Changes the Game (Heed Mag, Fall 2010)chu.html
Lil C: King of Krump (Heed Mag, Spring 2009)lilc.html

Fernanda Romero (Latino y Style, May/June 2010)

Steph Jones:  Mr. Far From Ordinary (Heed Mag, Spring 2010)steph.html
Kelly Price: A Black Girl Who Rocks (Heed Mag, Spring 2010)kelly.html
Terrell Carter: Doing It His Way (Heed Mag, Spring 2010)terrell.html
Jenny Photo Series (Inked Mag presents Inked Girls, Fall 2010)jenny.html
Hosea Chanchez: The Game Ain’t Over by Antoinette R. Banks (Heed Mag, Summer 2010)hosea.html
Cory Hardrict: Battle LA by Jordan Hall (Heed Mag, Summer 2010)cory.html

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